Author: Pearl Nguyen

Being a victim of a company car accident

Being in a car accident involves a lot of work mentally, physically, and financially, and determining the responsibility of the accident rests on the law of the state. But if one were to be a victim that involves a company’s car or an official’s car, the question remains as to who pays for the incurred damages and injuries. Read on to know about how to handle things when such situations arise and how to go about it.

Who is to be held responsible?

  • In a case where the employee injures a person while out on duty for the company, the company will be held responsible. This is rightfully so under the ‘respondeat superior’ theory, which translates to ‘master superior’ in Latin, meaning that a party or a company is responsible for their agents’ actions.
  • There could also be cases when the employee drives the company’s car for personal use when the accident occurs. In such a case, the owner can still be held responsible because of the mere fact that they did not take precautionary measure before allowing someone else behind the wheels. For example, not verifying the driving record or medical documents of the person will mean negligence on the employer’s part, which is enough to hold the company responsible for the accident.
  • The company can also be responsible if the cause of the accident was a malfunctioning or a non-maintained car.

Additionally, quite a lot of states have now made it a law that if the employee causes injury to others while driving the company vehicle, the employer must claim responsibility. Therefore, make sure to contact a car accident attorney if and when such a case arises.